Great Adamz Presents The Visuals To His New Song “Chocolate”

Great Adamz Presents The Visuals To His New Song “Chocolate”


UK based Nigerian singer, Great Adamz presents the video to his new song, “Chocolate”.

Great reveals the source of his inspiration for this song, saying “I think what really inspired the song was the woman I was with at the university; she was perfect and I had a lot going on but when you have a strong black woman behind you, she tends to help you not see all the pain you’re going through and even keeps the world from seeing this as well, so I wanted to write a song that appreciates dark-skinned women because they really are Queens and tell me really, who doesn’t like “Chocolate?” The song in itself was written to adore all women in general but to make an emphasis of the fact that unlike the crazy fight you see on Love & Hip-Hop between black women and how the media tries to make them look loud and crazy, most of them are not like that and they are actually sweet, beautiful, reliable and kind – did I mention beautiful? Jeez.”

Directed by Visual Plugg HD films, the video features as you would expect, “Chocolatey” looking beautiful queens and Great Adamz showing off his dance skills to their delight! Enjoy “Chocolate” by Great Adamz!

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