Audio:- Etcetera – No Virgin In America

Audio:- Etcetera – No Virgin In America


Most keen observers of he Nigerian contemporary pop scene will be surprised to see soul singer Etcetera return with this brand new single No Virgin In America, as he had seemingly abandoned the art of creating music for engaging in social commentary and releasing engaging, thoughtful and sometimes controversial critques of almost everyone, from Pastors, to celebrity figures, right down to his own colleagues.

     Having relocated temporarily to America, his new single which was performed over well composed multi layers of guitar riffs, pianos and horns, ETC has decided to offer a first hand experience based commentary of what he describes as the hypocrisy that exists in America,in his own words

How America preaches good rules from one side of her mouth and extols promiscuity from the other…

How the American currency with “In God we Trust” written boldly is being used to spread chaos in different parts of the world.

A country which boast of a beautiful statue of liberty deprives a section of its citizenry the liberty to vote..

Living in the United States for over two years has opened my eyes to the hypocrite that the United States is..

check the song out below.