Audio:- Paybac – Diplomatic Immunity

Audio:- Paybac – Diplomatic Immunity [ Freestyle ]


If you call Paybac controversial, riveting and bold, any one of those descriptions would definitely fit the rapper who seems to never run out of shock value elements in his music. Today he takes a shot an serving senator Dino Melaye and budding rapper Kach on this song which he calls Fuck Dino Melaye And Fuck Kach Too ( I couldn’t use the real title for the post ). It’s Paybac at his finest, and was performed over the instrumental of the most recently released single Diplomatic Immunity, which was performed by Canadian rapper Drake.check out his message to his fans below and download the track.

I’d rather die than be alive when a corrupt politicians son is singing praises to another corrupt politician. The hand shake is way past the elbow and I’ll never let it be said that we just let it happen as a people. This is not a diss song. Both of them serve as figure heads. They stuck their neck out.