News:- Endia Discusses The Inspiration Behind “Stinking Shit” And How Ice Prince...

News:- Endia Discusses The Inspiration Behind “Stinking Shit” And How Ice Prince Helped GRIP Boiz


By Obinna Fred

GRIP Boiz Member Endia sat Down with Nigezie TV To discuss a lot of Issues , ranging from hos he got his Name , to the state of Music in Nigeria Today, The 48 Rapper said his name “Endia Oboche” was given to him by his grandma, who nicknamed him when he was a Kid and the Name just Stuck.He also broke down his song “Me and My Guys” which he said was a Prayer for his friends, fans, and family.The Zoology Graduate also spoke on the inspiration behind their single “Stinking Shit” saying “Inasmuch as we are friends, and we hook up all the time , there has never been a time that we are all in the studio together…like its very rare, like you see me, you see Chopstix , you see Ice Prince, you see Yung L , like we are never in the Studio at the same time, you know so that day we were chilling in the Studio,and we were like “Yo Since we are in the studio why dont we just make a song right now, like right now”, and went on to say it was just a Braggadocios track.

He also called Ice Prince a Brother, and detailed how The Oleku Rapper took them into his House when he first moved into Lagos , and spoke about rotating sleeping positions, but Ice Always got the Bed as the Boss, Watch the full Video.

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