Critical Breakdown:- Slim Burna – I’m On Fire

Critical Breakdown:- Slim Burna – I’m On Fire [ Review ]


Reviewed By:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:- I’m On Fire

Artiste: – Slim Burna

Record Label:-  Street Rhymes Entertainment

 Guest Appearances: –  Bukwild Da Ikwerrian , PI Piego Or Ruud Boiz, P Jaydino, Squeeze, Attitude Of dem Mama Soldiers, Young Stunna, Zubi Da Greatest , DJ Joenel, Knowledge , And Filez

 Production Credits:- Not Credited

 Release Date:- April 11th  2013

Port Harcourt Based Artiste Slim Burna has Garnered enough attention on the streets of His City, and its environs, having dropped different singles, but appeared on Nigeriansounds with Oya Na [ Azonto ] featuring M-Trill , after almost a year, he delivers his Mixtape I’m On fire.

Straight off Slim Burna goes off on I’m On Fire Freestyle, the first Track where he displays his style which sounds like a Cross between Reggae and Blues letting you know he is a Survivor who has been through different Trials and Tribulations , and is currently on fire. Previously released single All Day features Bukwild Da Ikwerrian (another Fast Rising Port Harcourt Based Act), The song was inspired by and decried the Killing of The Aluu Four , performed over Haunting dark Piano Keys, both of them condemned the act in a very Artistic Fashion, They also urged the Nigerian Ghetto Youths to shun all sorts of Violence , and strive to build the country, declaring Jesus Christ was born in the Ghetto, definitely a standout song on the Tape. After sober reflection comes elevation so the next song Claro Featuring PI Pego is an Ode to Marijuana, another good song which continues the Mixtape to the next Track Turn Me On, an up-tempo Club track, crafted for the ladies, and Tailored for the DJ’s, It’s another lovely tune that can get the Party started, and should be promoted adequately by Slim Burna. Some More sober reflection comes next on the Orphan, a slowed down rhythm that had him singing about the life of a Girl on the Street with no Parents who has nowhere to go, I Really like this song, and feel it should have been performed over an Original beat, as it was performed over the Instrumental of I’m On One by DJ Khaled, He also Raps on this one, but I think the Raps were below par as the singing did it more for me. Next Song Hold Yuh Featuring P Jaydino is another well crafted pop song for the clubs, though not Top notch, could find its way into some DJ Mixes. Next song Plenty Money is an Ode to the Covetous nature of Man, Slim Burna states “Money Good Iye / Poverty Na Disease Iye” on the Hook, It’s a Danceable song as well that makes for good Hot stepping. Benin City based Dancehall act Squeeze Duets with Burna on the next Track Bad Man, an octane packed Dancehall song that I feel deserves a Video, at this point, it’s clear to me That Slim Burna can really flow atop Ragga influenced Beats, as this song was one of his finest moments on the Tape.Shokoto Featuring Attitude of Dem mama Soldiers, is another lovely club song, That is one of the best songs on the Tape, and can do things for Slim Burna if well promoted in Lagos City, a Street Pop song where He once more displays his hit making capabilities. He assembles a Posse of Rappers on the next Tune Real Recognize real Featuring Zuby Da Greatest, Young Stunna and Dj Joenel, everyone on this song gave a worthy account of themselves with deft bars, and brilliant deliveries especially Zubi Da Greatest who’s laid back flow just did it for me. Again he revels in his Superstardom on the dancehall influenced On My Way, where he declares himself Number one in the City, and states he’s on his way to the Top. He puts on for his City on Port Harcourt Boy Featuring Knowledge, where he displays his Pride in his city, and also sings in his Local Dialect ( Kalabari  if I’m not Mistaken ), Fellow PH Representer Knowledge dropped a Good Sixteen bars on the song, I’m sure the Streets of PH Would appreciate this one. Love me tonight is the next Track which I feel is a Poor remake of Lazy Song by Bruno Mars, The Peter Andre and Shaggy Medley didn’t do any good either. Side To Side Featuring Slidez, sounds like something out of East Africa, or Kwaito Influenced, A Dance Track I Feel would go down well in the hearts of Party Goers if well promoted. Take You Home Featuring PI Piego ends the Mixtape, another good Pop song that closes the Tape on a good note.

If There is anything Slim Burna has proven to me with this Tape, That is the Fact that he can make commercially Viable Pop songs, He also proved his Ear for good beats, and his Versatility which doesn’t Include Rapping, as I feel he is not such a Good Rapper, but his Blend of Reggae, Pop Music, Blues and Production is a Talent I feel will take him Places, And no matter what degree of Heat he is on right now, I definitely agree that he’s on Fire and with Hardwork and Dedication, he may be the next PH City Superstar.

Production:- 7.8/10

Collective Lyrics:- 6.2/10

Composition: 7/10

Favorite Verse:- Zuby da Greatest On Real Recognize Real

Best Production:- 

Best Instrumental:- Shokoto Featuring Attitude 

Shock Value:- None

Final Score:- 7/10


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