Critical Breakdown:- Koboko – The Extra Curriculum EP

Critical Breakdown:- Koboko – The Extra Curriculum EP [ Review ]


Reviewed by:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:-  Extra Curriculum [ Extended Play ]

Artiste: –  Koboko Tha Chief Whip

Record Label:-  Kobz Nation

 Guest Appearances: –  Vinci Quest, Seaman, Cozy, Eny Matty, Da Suspekt, MC Nico , Key Stuff, Juzt Courage, Slay , Jorge D Best, Lo Synxz, El Emcee, Benue Boy, Ochiz, IB Nizzy And P Joe

 Production Credits:- Sencosonic , Seaman , Kobz Beats [ Artiste ], Tha Suspekt, And Sagzy

 Release Date:- April 2nd 2013

Critical Breakdown

To the average Nigerian music fan, little or nothing is known about the music scene in the middle belt region of Nigeria and in this case, Makurdi Benue State. The capital of a State that produced Africas biggest Urban pop Artist Tuface Idibia, and has also produced Artists like Six Foot Plus, Terry tha Rapman, Zaaki Adzay, Christine Ben Ameh, Ruby, Pherowshuz and Blackface Naija is not popular in the sense of Home grown and based Artistes, however lately Upcoming acts like Stonce, Barujay, Certified C4 And Danni Vembz have been heating up the Blogsphere, dropping songs,  trying to establish their city as a vibrant entertainment Hub and create a scene. In the midst of all this comes Koboko, The Chief whip, an upcoming Rapper who appeared on Nigeriansounds severally from the beginning of last year. All his appearances culminated to the release of the 10 Track Extra Curriculum EP in April.

 Its not a song it’s a warning / to the wack Rappers coming / into the Rap Game making it sound Disgusting / Im not finding it funny, all of them Ill be gunning he blurts out as the opening lines on the first track Warning, where he minces no words in telling Wack Rappers, he doesn’t like them, before going on to show his distaste for bad Rap music. The EP Continues to the next track Big Things Star Small which he produced himself, a song where he embraces his status as an underground Rapper who hasn’t made it yet, the Instrumental was laced with Finger Snaps and Koboko Rhymed effortlessly over this one , telling tales of how he was doubted in the Game, and how being rejected by the opposite sex  spurred him to strive for greatness , On the outro he took shots at Record Labels in Makurdi town and shady Managers which he stated were the reasons he set up his independent record company, , quite a good song. Previously released single I Dey Loyal features Vinci Quest, Seaman, Cozy And Danni Vembz is a street Rap song where all Artistes showed their skill , especially Danni Vembz, whose unorthodox style of Rap has been warming itself up to me of late. Am In Luv Features Da Suspekt on the Hook, it’s a Salsa/Calypso Tinged single tailored for the ladies, not a bad attempt at a Radio single, It’s a song where He shows his ability to make commercial sounding singles, and ill give his attempt a pass. Koboko gets his bounce flow on with a little speed Rapping on Random Freestyle, another Street Rap Track, where the featured Guest Eny Matty Serenades with some Rasta Vibes on the Hook, and makes the Track quite good, Koboko also stepped his bars up on this one, making it one of my top songs on the Tape. Next comes Addicted to Music, a song where he chronicles his love for Music, and how it takes him away, Another track I like, not only because of its sober ambience, but also because of the layered production, well executed hook, subject matter and lyrics, which makes this song another one his fans and people with an insatiable Hunger for Music can relate to. Koboko Shoots for the clubs with See Something, A Song I Feel should be on the Radio, Very well performed and produced by Sagzy, I Indulge Deejays to check this one out for good measure. He shows love to girls in his city on Makurdi Girls, Rapping Because most of una too like enjoyment, / una too dey follow men wey dey for Government / But me I Understand say no be all of Una / They just hating on you, because of some of Una / Koboko got love for you, Yes all of Una / soon Imma take one of Y’all home to my Mother, A Song Girls from his city should appreciate ( I Also like the Tiv Outro on the song presumably by MC Nico or Key Stuff ) .I Dey Loyal Remix assembles another array of Upcoming MC’s , made up of Juzt Courage, Slay , EL Emcee, Lo Snykxz And Benue Boy, every one of them gave a good account of themselves on this song once more adding more spice and variety to the original, creating a worthwhile remix.Koboko bows out on the Project with One life, a song of sober reflection that reminds us that we all have one life to live. The first verse dealt with a boy that made the wrong choices,wasted his life and ended up in Jail, while the second was about a Girl whom chasing the finer things in life got her infected with AIDS eventually, a good song that implores us all to live our lives to the fullest and take opportunities as they come, as a fan of conscious reflective rap music, I felt this was a high note to end the tape on.

Its always good to see that Artists outside Lagos are progressive and proactive, especially Rappers, dropping a project isn’t easy at all, after getting credit for that,Koboko has a lot of things he needs to improve on. His flow for one, and also the production on this project which had some songs sounding unmixed, Some of his lines are also corny . When a Rapper starts his Mixtape dissing wack Rappers, you would expect some really jaw dropping bars from him, however Koboko failed to deliver in that regard, lines like Got me asking for more like Pepsi [ Am In Luv ] , I Like You More Than A Facebook Page [ Am In Luv ] , I Dey Loyal pass Loya Milk [ I Dey Loyal ] , Only Time They F With Me Is When They Follow Me On Twitter [ Warning ], don’t put him in a Top rhyming category either and could repel the most avid Rap Heads. The EP is a welcome development for Makurdi Hip-Hop. Even though rapping might be merely an Extra-Curricular activity for Koboko, he needs to go back to the drawing board in Architecture class, and put in more work, so as to make his educational experience worthwhile. Class is in session.

Production:- 6/10

Collective Lyrics:- 5.5/10

Composition:- 6/10

Favourite Verse:- One Life Verse 2

 Best Production:- See Sumthing Produced By Sagzy

Best Instrumental:- Addicted To Music Produced By Seaman

Shock Value:- None

 Final Score:- 5.8/10

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