Critical Breakdown:- Mateo Vic – Memoirs Of A Demon Slayer

Critical Breakdown:- Mateo Vic – Memoirs Of A Demon Slayer [ Review ]


Reviewed By:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:-  Memoirs Of A Demon Slayer

Artiste: –  Mateo Victory

Record Label:-  Vito Records

 Guest Appearances: –  Conscience, Mys Ree, Dat Phella, Mandella, Godswriter, Reborn, Bro Chosen And Bro AT Will

 Production Credits:- Not Listed

 Release Date:- March 31 2013

Critical Breakdown

US Based MC Mateo Victory is someone I have had on my Radar for about 2 years now.The Lyricist whose chosen Sub Genre of Hip-Hop is Gospel made his first impression in me when he released his debut Free Album Rise Of the Phoenix in 2011, which I rated very highly.The US Based Rapper wasted no time, and released a Sophomore Album also free for his fans and supporters this year titled Memoirs Of A Demon Slayer.

The 20 Track Album , released independently just like his debut Album opens up with Music straight up on Heat Check Featuring Conscience, lines like “Now I just got a few beats / its time to have a little feast / I spit so much heat, I can turn this Booth into Middle East / I Work this Pen like Charles Dickens, and George Orwell Or Lord Byron / William Faulkner, William Shakespeare , I Came out the Womb Firing / Im A Lion As hard as Iron, As great as the Mayans / Out of Zion, I pledge my allegiance to God and Not Science” set the atmosphere on the Tape and immediately tell you where Mateo Lies, the featured Guest Conscience delivered a fitting piece of Spoken Word Poetry, before going in on a good verse to add flavour to the song. Next Comes Master Of ceremony, a song where Mateo stamps his Dominance over the beat, first shouting out his Hometown, Village, Country, and the Igbo Nation, before proceeding to spit Rapid bars over the Track, the song references Popular Culture Images like The Hunger Games, Sabre tooth and Juggernaut Of the X-Men, and Lionel Messi, This song was designed to show his skill as an MC, And he did just that.Not Often do Rappers Extol Women in Their songs but Mateo is the Exact opposite of your stereotypical Rapper, He does just that on Wise Words, A Song of Advice, and Encouragement to Women all across the world.I Really appreciated this Track, performed over a befitting instrumental; it would definitely be felt by a lot of Females. Next On Remnant, He outlines his Weaknesses, and his change from bad to good in 2008 ( presumably giving his life to Christ ) , before going on to explain how the Power of God keeps him above every other Rapper and keeps him winning, He concludes by stating he’s on Gods side till he dies , He also denounces the Devil and says all he wants is Jesus, Its another good song, and the Crunk influenced instrumental makes it good for Radio play too by adding a commercial edge to it. Just like the name Implies Im on fire was laced over a fiery uptempo Africa inspired Instrumental, the beat is one that could get you Dancing, and Mateo runs through it feverishly , showcasing his ability to rhyme over any type of instrumental, and also creates a song that can be added to DJ Mixes. He switches the sound on Compromise Featuring Mys Ree , another Track where he declares his allegiance to God, he also addresses not blending in with the crowd, not Drinking, Not Smoking, and also not using profanity. He also condemned Pornography, Homosexuality, Masturbation and Abortion. He preaches to the sinners on this one asking them to change their ways or risk burning in Hell Fire eternally, The featured Guest Mys Ree dropped a very good Verse which was also a Narrative, This is a beautiful song, everything on this makes for a good single, and makes the song one of the top tracks on the project.”Demon Slaying” is a Metaphoric Phrase which Mateo Uses to describe conquering his Travails and Challenges in Life; that was the exact topic of the title track Demon Slayer 03 which comes next, he outlines Prayer and his belief in God as Catalysts he uses to fight his Demons, the spaced out instrumental complimented this song well.

Mateo Victory – Wise Words (Official Video)

Mateo Victory – Wise Words Video

Back Here Again is The Story of a Man Struggling with Masturbation, Fornication and Drug Abuse, despite being a Child of God,he keeps falling back into his addictions, it’s a song many Christians can relate to as we all sin, he begs for forgiveness, while remarking at the end that sometimes we all Fight Temptations and the word of God can keep you from falling back (He quoted Romans Chapter 8 to be specific) Another song I could relate to. Pull Me Down Featuring Dat Phella sounds like a continuation of the song that preceded it, another song that deals with the daily Struggle  with sin , and overcoming it by the word of God, Though the Guest on the song strayed away from the Topic, he delivered a solid Verse to make the song another Good Album filler. The Rock influenced Need An Angel features Mandella with a lovely Hook, and Mateo laces this one to the Letter; some situations we go through in Life make us feel like we need a Miracle, An Angel or some sort of Divine Intervention, So you would definitely relate to this Track, which I feel should be in Rotation on Major Radio Stations in Nigeria. “I Just Gotta be me / and be the best I can be / and you can love me or hate me / try to break me , but in the end I’m still gon Shine” That’s his resolution on the next track Be Me, where he besieges everyone to be His/Herself and strive to be the best at it just like he does, I really like this song , it’s a Track that doesn’t even sound like a Gospel song, Its straight Rap, and he showed and proved on this one. He also displayed top notch lyrical skill on the next Track Sun Shine Again, A Dark Narrative that touched upon societal ills like Violence, ( Specifically Religious Violence in Nigeria citing Jos Plateau State ) Murder , Crooked Cops, Poverty, Drug Dealing, Occultism ,Pimping, Prostitution and others that are Ravaging the Nigerian Society. I really like the way he interwove and correlated all these topics in an intelligent way on the Verses, I also appreciate the production which was Melancholic and gave more substance to the song (Especially the Piano Keys).Suicide finds Mateo Vic in another Lyrical Frenzy that may have some people thinking he wants to kill himself ( in the context of the song ), a song that’s made for lovers of Rap, It’s an all out Lyrical assault. Next song Omoshe Desire, is a Birthday song, though he wrote and performed it specifically for a friend, it can be played at any other Birthday Party. The Fast-Paced Afrobeat Bounce on this one brings the sound closer to home.

Mateo Vic – Master Of Ceremony Freestyle (Official Music Video)

Mateo Victory – Master Of Ceremony Official Video

Born To Fly Featuring Godswritter is another song I feel sounds like a Radio single, Both MC’s on the song complimented each other, and the Chorus was well rendered putting the finishing touches to a smooth song. The Heartfelt Rolling Stone is next, and is basically a Letter of a Dysfunctional boy to his Runaway Dad, letting him know that his absence affected him adversely and made him end up behind Bars, Its three emotional Verses that is not just a song, but an admonition to Fathers to be there for their sons, Very ingenious Topic I Give Mateo Credit for addressing. Secret Is Featuring Reborn is another Track where Mateo Vic reiterates that Jesus Christ is the reason he keeps on winning and conquering his fears, Another Song that can be in Rotation at Radio Stations on Sunday Mornings. Terminator Features Bro Chosen and Bro At Will, On this one they all declare themselves Demon/Devil Terminators through the Power of God, I like this Track especially the Last verse by Bro AT Will because of his Delivery and how he infused the Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie of the same name into his verse, Another song that makes me appreciate Lyrical and Intelligent Gospel MC’s. Before he draws the Curtain on the Mixtape, he gives a Vote of Thanks to his Supporters, Fans and everyone who listened to the Mixtape on Wish You Well, and then bows out with Champion, Just like the name implies, he declares his Status as a winner with God on his side.

The listening Experience was great, moreso because I am A Christian, but Notwithstanding MV Can Rhyme, Even though he could be cliché with lines like I’m Stronger Than 5 Bisons on SuicideI’m Hotter Than 2 Suns on I’m On Fire and I’m Flyer than A 100 Doves on Master of Ceremony, he is an MC That has his moments ( Peak moments Too ) , and also has an understanding of Rap music way before he gave his life to Christ, I Give him credit for the Ability to make songs without cursing, The production is a B+ , though many producers and Back Up Singers were not credited on this Project, it’s something lovers of Gospel Rap would be proud of , and dwell upon once they come across it for quite a while.

Production:- 8/10

Collective Lyrics:- 8/10

Composition:- 7/10

Favourite Verse:- Rolling Stone Verse 1

 Best Production:- Need An Angel Featuring Madella By Unaccredited Producer

 Best Instrumental:- Sun Shine Again By Unaccredited Producer

 Shock Value:- And in your Birthday Suit you look perfect / Got Everybody Saying Lord Have Mercy . These Lyrics on Omoshe Desire cracked me up, because he’s traditionally a gospel rapper.

 Final Score:- 7.8/10


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