Critical Breakdown:- Harrysong – The Love EP

Critical Breakdown:- Harrysong – The Love EP [ Review ]


Reviewed By:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:-  The Love EP [ Extended Play ]

Artiste: – Harrysong

Record Label:-  Independent

 Guest Appearances: – Timaya, Olamide, Puffy T and Jesse Jagz,

 Production Credits:- Puffy T, Chimbalin, Del B

 Release Date:- March 27 2013

Since I first heard DJ Puti Fire by Harrysong, I immediately recognized his Vocal Strength. The Artiste who was formerly signed( I’m not sure of his label status actually )  to Questionmark records went on to drop Monster singles like Jonzing WorldOmalicha featuring Ego, and more. He then released his debut Album Testify in 2011 which did quite well in the Market. He went back to Business last year releasing singles like Taiye KehindeHustle and Ogogoro , which set the tempo for him to release his biggest single out at the Moment I’m In Love, as well as a remix featuring Olamide, Harry then set out to release an EP In collaboration with, he released The 5 Track Love EP.

First off He decided to open the EP With a cover Banky W’s Monster hit Good Good Loving, on this one he showcases his Vocal abilities over the Spellz produced instrumental, This one sounded like he was just playing about in the studio, recycling some of his lyrics and those of other Artistes, I feel this was just to test his Vocals and he did just that. Wicked love is a single that features additional vocals by producer Puffy T who also produced the track., It’s a techno influenced pop song where he laments about girls hat just want to take your money and not love you back, I really like this, Its different and that’s really important in an industry where most pop songs sound alike. Next comes the Jesse Jagz Featured She’s Another Hit, this one is a slower tempo Rand B song where Harry croons she’s another hit and she looks so good, anybody wey dey see her just dey hail, pour me koliwater eh” , he goes on to describe a girl who is so hot everyone wants her, the instrumental is quite good, and the Runaway Choc Boy Jesse Jagz complimented the song with a good verse, Its definitely song that many of Harry and Jesses Female Fans would appreciate. The Street Pop Banger Featuring Timaya Ogogoro comes next, This is like my best song on the Mixtape and a song that I’m sure is tearing up Lagos right now ( if it was well pushed O ) Who Said That they’re looking for me  is the Chant on this one, and Timaya benevolently brings his unique Flavour to the song, it’s a well crafted Pop song that is going to send any African Dancefloor into a frenzy. The main attraction on this EP Is the Del B Produced  I’m In Love, whose three versions (Demo, original and remix with Olamide ) were included , I feel this is His biggest song yet, and definitely a song that will move him to another level ( you can tell as covers of the song have started coming out ) , It’s a song for weddings, Wedding anniversaries, Engagement ceremonies and any other event that involves love between the opposite sex, Its smooth and what struck me was the difference between the Demo Version and the finished one, You can tell he’s a true Artiste dedicated to his craft, and is truly talented, the Remix with Olamide further increases the commercialism of the song, and also makes it crossover to the Yoruba Music listening populace.

This EP Is Exactly what it was designed to be, an Extended play project with singles about Love, Harry did just that, and establishes himself as a serious Artiste who is going to be around for quite a while, and I also want to give credit to the production which is very much on point and not generic.My only problem with Harry could be his Lyrics are sometimes Drab and repetitive but apart from that, I cant seem to find any faults with the Project.I also want to point out that  Harry is also a very good stage performer, I confirmed that when I saw him perform at the 2012 Notting Hill Carnival in London, I Knew he would go places, He’s different, He’s unique, and He’s in LOVE.

Production:- 9/10

Collective Lyrics:- 7.8/10

Composition:- 9/10

Favourite Verse:-  Jesse Jagz On Shes Another Hit 

 Best Production:- Ogogoro Produced By Chimbalin 

 Best Instrumental:- Im In Love Produced By Del B 

 Shock Value:- None, I already knew that he was capable of achieving greatness

 Final Score:- 8.6/10


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