Critical Breakdown:- GQ – The Hunger Tape

Critical Breakdown:- GQ – The Hunger Tape [ Review ]


Reviewer:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:-  The Hunger Tape

Artiste: – GQ

Record Label:- REAL Music Incorporated

Guest Appearances: – Da Suspekt, Psalmurai EX-O Cash In, DQ, and A9

 Production Credits:- XYZ, Da Suspekt and Interpolated Beats

 Release Date:- March 22 2013

Critical Album Breakdown

When I say it doesn’t get more underground than GQ, I mean that in every sense of the Word.GQ Is an Underground Hip-Hop Veteran that hasn’t gotten his dues, having put out 5 Mixtapes (This being the 5th) He put out the Hip-Hop Monthly series first , before He put out his Asa Inspired Project Asa: Unofficial Remixes which brought him to my attention. He then put out Therapy Music in 2010, and a collaborative project with XYZ Of Str8buttah titled XQZ Last year (They would all be available on our Free Mixtapes Page soon). Reiterating his position as an underground, unappreciated and underrated Rapper, he released his Fifth offering The Hunger Tape  this year.

GQ – Park Well Internet Video 

Previously released Single Park Well was performed over the Instrumental of Hammer Dance by Slaughterhouse, and it’s a befitting opening for this Tape, and he sounds Hungry on the song , We all know a Hungry man is angry so it was no surprise he spat lines like Im screaming at the top of My lungs, Gidi Go ! / Mess Around and get taken down Gidigbo / Ma Duti E , Pour Sand In your Mouth / You go bite the Dust, omo I No fit Shout / You don’t like the way I do thing, Go Down South / I Hear things are blowing up, you wanna go that Route ? , clearly showing his countenance on this project. Next comes Speaking in Tongue, over the instrumental of Drunk by Myself by Nas. This one Has GQ Rapping about being trapped in a Mental Prison, I Like this track because it describes a situation where trust doesn’t exist and is ruled by fear, quite a brilliant way to describe being neglected in an industry where Talented and unorthodox Artistes ( like Him ) get marginalized because they don’t want to conform. There are good sides and bad sides to being famous, GQ Addresses the bad experiences on the next Track Fame, where he speaks on the changes Popularity brings to an Artiste’s life, using himself as a citation, he raps You know that moment in your life, when you feel you aint shit / Nobody, nobody cares about the Pain in your speech? / Welcome to my world, they think its low self Esteem / But I know I’m done, I’ve been cooking in Steam / Insisting on Winning, Comes really easy for me / but what I’m scared of is that I’m losing my humanity / so focused on the change, I’m not noticing the change / I’m thinking my skin is thicker, but really I’m growing scales, thereby exposing his innermost demons to his fans. He turns the sound on the Mixtape from mellow to Rambunctious on Tales from Otigba, An ode to street Hustlers all over the world, performed in a Mix of Yoruba and English language. This track sort of reminds me of Run by Psalmurai, and GQ Runs over the beat Rapidly rhyming about the various ordeals illegal street hustlers face every day on the streets, and finishes the song off by defining the term “Otigba” as anywhere you hustle, Definitely one of my Favourite cuts on the Tape, When Psalmurai and XYZ Released Profound, I thought it was too short, Maybe GQ Felt the same , as he jumped on the beat on the next track Dey Like. He raps over his friends instrumental for 110 seconds Bragging about his skills, Groupie Love and other perks that come with being a Rapper, before threatening Anyone who may wanna test him and then bowing out gracefully on another high moment on the Tape. So What is laced with a soulful Hook, well delivered by Producer/Singer Ex-O Cash In,that gave GQ An avenue to speak on relationships and the kind of girl he likes, whilst stating that Flaws don’t matter, as long as you’re the one for him It’s a good song that I feel deserves a Video as it sounds like a Proper Radio Record ( if only it wasn’t performed over the instrumental of Young , Wild And Free By Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg ) . Plenti Tinz features Psalmurai and Da Suspect, it comes next ,  they sure had plenty things to address on this, talking about Corrupt Politicians, Crooked Cops, Fake Underground Rappers, Tribal Divisions, and also the partial media. I Like this Track , it’s a Proper Hip-Hop song that’s going to have lovers of Angry conscious Rap pressing rewind. I Like the next Track Park Well Remix for Many Reasons, first it’s a Kalifate reunion of Sorts, as A9Mus aka A9 appeared on it, also because my Favourite Underground Yoruba Rapper DQ Dropped a solid verse on it , and finally because EX-O Cash In who has abandoned Rapping for a while dropped another Hot Sixteen on this one to show his Rap side to his newer Fans, it’s a proper Remix where all the Rappers gave a good account of themselves, showing that the Nigerian underground Hip-Hop scene is still thriving and packed with Mad lyricists. On the aforementioned Plenti Tinz GQ Rapped “My Mother Just Died, And I’m Not Done Grieving”, that line is emphasized on the next track One More Night, a sombre song where he talks about the vacuum the death of his Mom left in his life, how much he misses her, and the good moments he shared with her, as someone that’s lost a Parent myself, I related to this song properly. Occupy your Mind closes the Mixtape , and is another moment of sober reflection, laced with another befitting hook by an unaccredited Female Artiste, on this one He challenges his listeners to stimulate their Minds and occupy it, lest you risk making it the devils workshop, its another mellow track produced by XYZ, And ends the Mixtape on a strong note.

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GQ Is an MC In his lane, and a socio-political commentator, I Like his style because he doesn’t try to sound like anybody, or un-Nigerian ( not like it’s a crime ).He sounds like the around the way guy on the streets of Lagos, and his rap style is easy to absorb. These are things that make GQ An MC I always would listen to. His subject matters are everyday Issues, and he knows how to tackle them on wax, This Mixtape makes for an entertaining listen for Rap heads, and though GQ Is Hungry and Angry, he still found time to dish out and serve surplus food for thought on this Tape.

Production:- 8/10

Collective Lyrics:- 8/10

Composition:- 8/10

Favourite Verse:-  Speaking in Tongues Verse 1

 Best Production:- They Like Produced by XYZ

 Best Instrumental:- Occupy Your Mind Produced By XYZ

 Shock Value:-  Realising GQ Has 5 Mixtapes out

 Final Score:- 8/10


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