Critical Breakdown:- Granula & Smallzie – The Tall And Short Story Mixtape...

Critical Breakdown:- Granula & Smallzie – The Tall And Short Story Mixtape [ Review ]


Reviewed By:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:-  The Tall And Short Story

Artiste: – Granula And Smallzie

Record Label:- THINK Media/ Mad Science Entertainment

Guest Appearances: – G’Bryte, CR, Big Faz, C.R.E.A.M and Brock Invictus

 Production Credits:- E-Twinz , Daccoustic [ Credited ]

Release Date:- March 4 2013

Granula and Smallzie are two upcoming Rappers who champion a very undiluted Hip-Hop sound which they intend to put on the Nigerian National Hip-Hop Map, Smallzie a member of Hip-Hop collective XXX Gang, Lost his Brother ( Brock Invictus  who was Arguably the first Nigerian Rapper to make “Horrorcore” Hip-Hop with Down’s Syndrome Music ).The loss of his brother motivated him to foster the Rap Collective XXX Gang, and hone his sound which is a combination of Hardcore Rap, Gangster Rap elements and edge cutting/Jaw Dropping lyrics. Granula who was also a close friend to Brock Invictus also used his death as a catalyst to assemble Mad Science entertainment, a collective made up of Hip-Hop Artistes, Singers, Producers, Songwriters and Graphic Artistes as well as other creative entities, and together they released the Tall and Small Story on THINK Media/Mad Science Entertainment.

The curtains on the Mixtape go up on Welcome which is just an eerie guitar riff with nothing else, and continues to Fallin Down the first song, Bass line is heavy, the synths are live, and I like the sample as well, Both MC’s go on to establish their authority on the track, though I couldn’t make out a lot of Smallzies lyrics, I understood the idea behind it. Lookatusnow comes next, the hook is quite laudable, the theme is about being at the bottom and  rising to the top, and the joint is more laid back than its predecessor. Smallzie sets this one off rapping I dey fuck raw, men I no dey use Glove/ so I Chyk a chick I don’t even care about / Treat her good and leave my babies in her mouth. Granula adds his own quota to the song as well but his bars are more reflective, he spits since I lost Brock / been on the Tick tock / Humility dey ground just like flip flops ,it’s a good song, one of my Favourites on the Project. Granula takes his time to deliver his vote of thanks on the next Skit over a Fela Kuti instrumental Backdrop, and the Music continues on Water Therapy , Granulas Solo Song On Which G’Bryte did an excellent job on the hook, and Granz went on to create another Favourite of mine on the Mixtape, he Rapped about talking to God through a Doobie ( Marijuana ), attaining Peace of Mind, His mothers advice to him  and a whole lot of reflective issues,the way he put this song together is quite good, He ends by declaring “My words would last longer / after my body is handed to the coroner”. Big Faz’s Skit comes next, it’s a close to three minute brief narrative on how far Nigerian Hip-Hop has come, and the resilience of Nigerian Hip-Hop music. The Classic (In My Opinion) E-Twinz Produced Down’s Syndrome Music by the late Brock Invictus comes next I Feel every Nigerian Rap head should listen to the song, because it’s a different kind of Hip-Hop music, the Melancholic instrumental at the end gives me chills now that he’s dead, too bad he couldn’t be alive to give us a bigger insight into his Mental and Musical Archives. A song dedicated  to the aforementioned Brock The Last to Say comes next, and this one had C.R.E.A.M And G’bryte on it, It’s a heartfelt tribute their Friend who is no more, another dark song on the Tape that had all MC’s delivering heartfelt bars. Smallzies skit sounds muddled up and could have been better as I could barely hear or understand what he was saying on the skit. Smallzie follows his incoherent skit with a solo track Big Dick Freestyle which follows in the pattern of his skit, His rhymes were all over the place,and Once more I could barely make out what he was saying on some parts of the song, all in all, except the instrumental, the song is forgettable Good Badd makes up for the past to mis-steps on the Tape, a tale of good girls gone bad, and the battle between the ying and yang of life which girls ( and humans in general )  face daily, Granula went in on the first verse whilst Smallzie trailed behind him, This is another good song that could send your mind down the deep thought lane. G.Bryte puts up yet another stellar performance on the hook of Ballin’ the next track which features C.R.E.A.M And is an Ode to the good life, and a warning to the haters to steer clear, another smooth song that has all the MC’s handling their businesses to the letter, “Family comes first priorities”. The Mixtape takes on a more ( Nigerian ) radio friendly song on Fine Lady, I Like this song well, it’s a smooth pop song that has C.R Displaying his Vocal prowess while showering adulation on the Girl of his dreams . It’s a song that I can hear on the Radio and visualize a video for, I Daresay a considerable number of girls would affirm my sentiments on listening to it. Next track Omo Dada Literally means Fine Lady In Yoruba Language, So I could say two songs have the same name on this Mixtape, It is another female friendly song, at this point ,I’m thinking G’Bryte can’t do wrong, as he rides through the song with ease and gives C.R.E.AM The avenue to breakdown different sexual encounters he has had with different pretty ladies, another good song for the Players. The most ingenious idea on the mixtape was to end it with a G’Bryte solo song Love Get category , A Well written and performed song with a very Poignant message. This is another song I feel should be on the Radio and can propel G’Bryte to greater heights. The Message is basically Love is what you make it. Very Beautiful Number.

The Mixtape is good, And pretty decent for a debut Project, however there is room for improvement In The Mixing and Mastering department, especially on the Part of Smallzie who has to work on his audibility, Lyrics and structures of his verses in order to reach out to a wider and more appreciative Hip-Hop audience. The listening experience is great, and they show a lot of promise as an outfit that can make an impact in the game. I have to give it up to G’Bryte and CR ( Especially G’Bryte who is my top performer on the Tape ) Who both stood out on the Tape, I Feel like THINK Entertainment  has two solid Artistes in those two, and though the Tall and Short Story is over, The Journey has just begun.

Production:- 7.5/10

Collective Lyrics:- 6/10

Composition:- 7/10

Favourite Verse:-  Water Therapy Verse 1

 Best Production:- Good Badd

Best Instrumental:- Love Get Category

Shock Value:-  G’Brytes Skills Shocked Me, hes a Bonafide Star

 Final Score:- 6.8/10


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