Mixtape Review:- Efa & Big Foot – The Waka EP

Mixtape Review:- Efa & Big Foot – The Waka EP


Reviewed by Damilola Layode

Artiste:- Efa aka Efa Guevara

Record Label:- Jus’ Kidding Entertainment

Producers:- Entirely by Bigfoot of Micworx

Guest Appearances :- Yemi Alade,Lami,Djinee,M.I,Zuriel,DJ Klem, Knighthouse, Jemal, and Pasha


Efa teamed up with Bigfoot of Micworx studios to bring us this body of work that contains 6 tracks. which can be defined in one word as brilliant! In the words of the artist himself, ‘this is a concept mixtape’. The meaning of that statement and the concept behind the mixtape, is made clearer on listening to the CD. Efa managed to bring us a body of work that has elements of different music genres, from hiphop to rnb and even the now trending pop/techno sound. Listening to the cd though, one will realize that his roots remain hiphop. On track 2 ‘greenlight’, Bigfoot does a great job sampling the john legend/andre3000 hit track of the same title. Efa on his part dropped some of the sickest bars I’ve heard, chronicling important events that shaped his life till the point where he became the dope emcee that he is. With deft delivery and lyrics like ‘youth are scared of fighting cause they are scared of losing/scared of not trying, that’s what I’m scared of doing/if you never try, you will never know, if you don’t plant a seed nothing will ever grow/ if you are scared of the dark, it must never show cause in the darkness is the only place where you can glow’. On the third track ‘number one’, Efa ventures into a region most rappers will not readily dabble into, but not without the vocal assistance of Jemal and the wizardry of Bigfoot. This is destined to be a crowd favorite. Track 4 titled ‘F U’, has Efa switching up with bars like they say the patient dog eats the fattest bone, that’s cause the fastest dog ate the flesh and boned/ so I wasn’t gonna sit and wait for that, I was sick with the flow, hypochondriac’. This, in my opinion, is the best track. The rapper goes unconventional by flipping his middle finger up in response to those who ever doubted his ability. This he readily admits when he spat, ‘I dare to be different because that’s the way to make a difference’. I’m sure no one needs telling what the message is from this track, EFA GUEVARA has come off age! The track rounds up with a patois rendition by Pasha, I suppose that’s a snippet of a track that’s bound to be dope. On the fifth track, the ring finger, Efa deployed the assistance of his label mate Yemi Alade, the result is simply superb! If you can read between the lines of the story, you’ll realize that his opinion on love is that, love in whatever form is one of the things worth fighting for. This track in my opinion deserves a video because the lyrics read like the script from a movie. On the pinky, the fifth song and finger of his waka, I couldn’t help but imagine the cat Efa, doing the Austin Powers finger-in-mouth gesture. He went hard on the gospel-ish hook rendered by zuriel, showing versatility by kicking it however soothes the beat that was rich in sound. Bigfoot showed his gift with the keys, on this track and the others as well. In all, it still is a conscious track with scriptures, I mean that literally. Throughout my listening to this one, I tried to detect a flaw but I could hardly find one. The purposes intended for every track of this ‘concept mixtape’, were executed with diligence by all parties involved. The result is a rich musical presentation that breaks the confines of being labeled just a hiphop production, an intent Efa made known when he said ‘they tried to fit me inside a box but they had a better chance putting me in a coffin/throw sticks, throw stones, throw rocks but my spirit is diamond, it can never soften’. If this is short of critical acclaim, it can’t be by more than one or two steps